Garifuna Villages

Along Tela Bay are several Garifuna villages, and in fact many of the most interesting of Honduras are here. From west to east are the following villages: Rio Tinto, Miami, Tornabé, San Juan, La Ensenada and Triunfo de la Cruz. Between these. the most fascinating is undoubtedly Miami, which is the only one after all these years, continues to maintain its appearance and traditions.In every village you can eat typical food and meet some of the customs of the Garifuna.

Very interesting and fun are their dances, especially the “Punta” and “yancunu” that remember their African roots.

Except for Rio Tinto and Miami, all the above villages are easily accessible. From Tela there is a public bus service and taxis that allow you to reach them. Also, you can rent a bike and visit these villages, besides having the benefit of free time to explore and discover all aspects of these villages and their inhabitants.




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