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Tela, Honduras

Hotel Playa Bonita – Tela

Walking distance and with direct access to the most beautiful  beach in Central America, we are proud to offer premium facilities in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere of a family hotel.

Enjoy our tastefully decorated, naturally lit and well-ventilated spaces and our large rooms, restaurant with typical Honduran Caribbean dishes and home-made desserts.

We are ready to help you enjoy our beaches, mountains and living culture as well as guidance in your plans to visit the rest of the country.

Hotel Playa Bonita is definitely your best option to escape the everyday stress and we will ensure that you feel the difference.

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Tela was founded by the conquistador Cristobal de Olid on May 3rd 1524, Day of the Cross for Catholics, so the place was originally known as Triunfo de la Cruz (Triumph of the Cross), but because the name was so long, people began abbreviated T. la + "as being the final Tela.

Today Triunfo de la Cruz is a small outbound east of the Bay of Tela. There are the Garifuna communities of Triunfo de la Cruz and La Ensenada.

During following years the Caribbean pirates used the bay of Tela as base to attack the Spanish ships coming from Trujillo, Puerto Cortes, Havana and other ports of the Atlantic. From that time on the bay are the remains of several shipwrecks and legends of hidden treasures.

In the late nineteenth century Tela economy was based in the cultivation and production of bananas. In the early twentieth century, the government started giving grants to nationals and foreigners who wanted to improve the local economy, thus beginning the era of the big banana companies in Honduras and to the further development of the city.
The name Tela became famous when an American company that started the banana production in this sector, and adopted its name: Tela Railroad Company, a subsidiary of United Fruit Company, becoming one of the most important companies in America.
In 1976, the banana company closed its operations in Tela, leading to the transition of Banana Port to a beach, nature and culture destination.

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